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For luxury real estate marketing professionals, choosing the right colors in the process of branding is an important element of your brand identity system. Color is a means of communicating your personality and your unique identity. It sets the tone and the mood you want to project to your target market. It also tells them what you stand for.

Traditionally, the colors associated with luxury are black, gold, forest green, and burgundy. Here are some basic traits of these colors:

  • BLACK evokes feelings of elegance, sophistication, mystery and drama.
  • GOLD is shiny, rare, glows and sought after.
  • BURGUNDY is a deep red and it is seen as sophisticated, classic and more refined than red.
  • FOREST GREEN is associated with money and prestige.

Here are some colorful luxury brands:

  • HERMES: Bright burnt orange is the dominant color. Orange is a hot color, reminds us of fun, sunsets and autumnal foliage. Hermes ties their orange boxes with brown ribbon. Brown is the color of substance and earthiness. The color message is fun and substantial.
  • TIFFANY: Tiffany blue is a registered trademark. Blue reminds us of the sky and water. Blue evokes the feeling of consistency, trust (true blue), and confidence. Their accent color is white. White stands for purity. Their jewelry design is pure, serene and everlasting.
  • FAUCHON (gourmet food) : Hot pink is energetic, youthful and devil may care. Accent color is black, solid and sophisticated. Food is exciting and sophisticated.

In nature colors, in wildlife is there for attraction, camouflage and survival. Flora also cooperates in this process with its own enormous range of color. Observing nature is a great way to study color combinations and be inspired by it!

As a luxury real estate marketing expert, what colors will reflect your nature, and simultaneously resonate with your target market and the community in which you work?


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